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The goals of the Ujima Men’s Collective is to provide opportunities for Black same gender loving men and those that love and support us to develop life skill strategies in a non-threatening environment to enhance their lives, understand themselves and their community.


1. Develop leadership, advocacy and pro-active decision-making skills.


2. Empower Black same gender loving men to develop a sense of community for Black same gender loving men.


3. The Ujima Men’s Collective participants will offer volunteer services to the Ujima Men’s Collective, Community Based Organizations, AIDS Service Organizations, Civic Organizations, or some other type of volunteer service in their community.




To recruit Black same gender loving men to participate in forums to enlighten and encourage them about the effects of health issues including HIV/AIDS.


To educate on aspects of engagement and support of Black same gender loving men to cultivate a better community and the value of participation in civic and social activities to strengthen our community.


The Ujima Men’s Collective provides workshops, seminars, presentations, lectures, town hall meetings and other activities that will empower Black same gender loving men to develop strategies to increase knowledge through activities around: Leadership, Advocacy, Relationships, Spirituality and Health & Wellness.

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