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    The Protege Project

The Ujima Men's Collective mentors are those who teach or give help and advice to a less experienced person, however, mentors and protégés have no defined age; mentorship is based solely on one’s ability to share knowledge and advice from their experiences. Our goal for the Ujima Men's Collective Mentorship Program is to recruit, train and develop mentors.  We also plan for our Mentorship Program to develop our protégés into mentors. The Ujima Men’s Collective Mentorship Program is designed for Black same gender loving men and those that love and support us to build a better community for us to teach love, honor, and respect for one another.  We designed our program to assure that our mentors are there to mentor and develop great nurturing relationships with their protégés.  If you are interested in our Ujima Men’s Collective Protege Project please contact us at or 954.533.9139 to receive an application.



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